About skolekassa


Skolekassa started in February 2016, after the Ministry of Education and Research decided to set up an online portal containing learning resources and teaching aids for asylum seekers and refugees who have a right to public education in Norway. As Norway welcomes an influx of refugees, Skolekassa provides support for the education and training programmes open to newcomers.
The site was developed by the Directorate for Education and Training in partnership with the National Centre for Multicultural Education (NAFO) and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Who is Skolekassa for?

Skolekassa is designed for children and young people of school age who have recently arrived in Norway or who are learning Norwegian as a second language. The site is geared to users across various age groups and with diverse backgrounds, native languages and life experiences.

What is Skolekassa for?

Skolekassa is not meant to be a substitute for a complete education or training programme. The purpose of Skolekassa is to make digital teaching aids and learning resources available to support education and training programmes. Pupils can use the resources to help with homework. Homework tutors, volunteer Norwegian language tutors and other providers of educational support services will also find the resources useful. Skolekassa brings together resources from educational resource developers, publishers, national centres of excellence and others. The resources are presented in seven languages, and the site content is continuously updated.

How does Skolekassa work?

Skolekassa is a collection of links to teaching aids and learning resources for five subjects: Norwegian, English, mathematics, science and social studies. The subjects are divided into school years from 1 to 10. Within each subject, several main topics relating to the subject curriculum are featured.
As well as Norwegian, resources are available in Arabic, Dari, English, Kurmanji, Pashto and Tigrinya. These languages were chosen because they are spoken by the largest numbers of registered refugees in Norway at present.

Skolekassa is designed to be as self-explanatory as possible, but it is important that teachers or counsellors provide guidance to help pupils and students make the most of the resources.


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