Many publishers are today giving open access to their online learning activities. Some still need FEIDE-login. Others don’t require FEIDE. Have a look and find something that works for you!

Answering Kids’ Questions about the Coronavirus

The online paper Klar Tale now has open access.

School at home

Many publishers have given open access to their learning resources. Here are some of the resources that don’t require FEIDE-login:

Sirkushagen from Salaby is open.

Elevkanalen is open.

Kor arti’: sing along!
You will get access with the username: demo and password: vinter

Grip: social sciences and English are open for everyone.

Bokbussen: books in Norwegian and other languages
Red, easily read books – use this code: 141535
Yellow, books with facts – use this code: 141541

New resources on Skolekassa


New edition with level 1 and 2  are free for testing.  Classes 1-4 and 5-10.


Norsk nå!
Norsk nå!

Norsk nå -practice. You can use this resource without the text book . Choose A1 or A2.