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Feed the Monster

Feed the Monster

This game can help children to learn the letter, spelling, simple words and to read in English.

Bokbussen -NY

Bokbussen -NY

Listen to and read different books in Norwegian and your mother tongue. Choose language from the menu in the book.
Learn NoW 2 - helsenorsk

Learn NoW 2 – helsenorsk

An online course in Norwegian for healthcare workers. Texts with dialogue and facts, grammar, pronunciation, listening and tasks. Level B1.

Read and learn Norwegian grammar in Norwegian and English.

Norsklærer Karense - YouTube

Norsklærer Karense – YouTube

Watch YouTube videos about grammar, words and phrases, pronunciation and Norwegian culture.

Bildet viser tittelen til nettstedet På vei

På vei – ny

Do listening and reading exercises. Practice your grammar and pronunciation. Level A1 and A2

Illustrasjon av atom

Atomer og molekyler

An introductory text about atoms and molecules. Includes translations in several languages, not English.

Vei, fart og tid

Vei, fart og tid

An introductory text about distance, velocity and time. Includes translations in several languages, not English.